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Tanglewood Hills Pavilion Bettendorf Iowa Quad Cities Wedding Venue

Wedding Vendor Experts: Choosing Your Wedding Venue

With Juli Sundholm of Tanglewood Hills Pavilion. Bettendorf, Iowa.

Interested in Tanglewood Hills Pavilion? Check out their listing.
If you are looking for the venue for your wedding, be sure to read through this advice from the owner/operator of a huge and beautiful venue here in the Quad Cities! Juli gives some fantastic advice on tips, trends, and pitfalls to avoid. This is a MUST READ!

What are the top 3 tips you have for couples searching for their wedding venue?

Tip 1:
When you find the right place you will know it, don’t let anyone try to convince you that their
place is right for you.
Tip 2:
Make sure they answer all your questions to your satisfaction.
Tip 3:
Find out if there will be a staff member for the entire event. You want to make sure you have
someone there in case of any problems or questions.

What are the latest trends in wedding venues?

Trends for the banquet hall tend to lean towards the latest decorating ideas. Right now, it is the rustic decor.

What are some of the biggest mistakes couples make when selecting their venue?

Couples don’t ask enough questions before booking. You want to make sure you know all the costs involved, including how much gratuity or service charge will be added to your event.
Some locations charge this on the bottom line and some charge on the food and bar and some charge on just the food. This makes a big difference in your invoice total. Get an estimate before signing on the dotted line.

Final thoughts for couples?

Try not to get overwhelmed by the details. Think about the big picture. You want to enjoy this day, not stress about everything. Make sure to take time to soak everything in, the day will pass quickly, so have FUN!

What makes Tanglewood Hills Pavilion unique among wedding venues?

We are a family run business, so you will always be dealing with Juli or Donna, and we are always in attendance throughout your event.

We have a lot of flexibility with our venue since we don’t have to adhere to normal corporate policies. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you have the event of your dreams!

–Do you have any more questions about picking a venue? Ask your question in the comments below, and let’s see if we can get some answers!

wedding dress quad cities

How WedVendQC Can Greatly Benefit Your Wedding Business

Introduction To The Quad Cities Wedding Directory, WedVendQC

Facebook swap sites are becoming an ongoing source of finding new business for wedding industry professionals in the Quad Cities. The problem with swap sites is that vendors must constantly be monitoring them for questions that pertain to their genre of service, and then be drowned out by dozens of comments from other vendors and their past clients. It creates a lot of noise and disorganization.

There is also the option of other marketplace sites like Wedding Wire, but these companies serve other markets and do not have experience as a wedding vendor within the Quad Cities area. They lack the commitment to completely serve people of the Quad Cities, and often their closest market to the QCA is Cedar Rapids, which is hardly the same as directly servicing the Quad Cities.

Rehash Media, LLC is seeking to solve this disorganization and lack of commitment through the WedVendQC project: A comprehensive and updated wedding directory aimed strictly towards vendors who serve the Quad Cities.

WedVendQC Product Analysis

WedVendQC is an online marketplace specific to vendors who serve the Quad Cities, and mostly consists of vendors that call the Quad Cities their business home. By having a localized market, vendors are able to get traffic from local couples, and advertise to them in a more focused and organized fashion.

By having a Basic Level listing on WedVendQC, you will have your business contact information and description out in front of prospective clients, and your more robust profile will stand out above the Free Level listings.

With a Pro Level listing, you can take your outreach to a whole new level. You get access to a social wall that not only runs on your business profile, but your posts are also seen on the Wall page on our site in a continuously updated stream. Social Posts are a great way to show clients the human side of your business and connect with them on a more personal level. The fact that your posts are also displayed on the Wall page increases your exposure. You will also have access to add photos to a photos tab, again, showing your behind-the-scenes of your business and humanizing it as well.

Basic and Pro Level Members will also receive SEO optimization for their profile. This will make your listing not only more discoverable in Google and Bing Search Results, but it will make that listing more presentable to potential visitors. SEO is key to online success, and we take it very seriously.

You can also reach potential clients through 30-day ads that run throughout the site. This helps by offering extra value to customers, and also gaining more exposure by having your business name on more sections of the site. WedVendQC also makes it a point to share offers of our vendors via our social media channels to increase the offers exposure outside of the site as well.

Service Area

If you are a wedding vendor whose main service area is the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, you are eligible to be listed on the site. Current Performance

Here are the stats for the performance of from launch of the site on July 14th to October 24th. Stats: July 14, 2017 to October 24, 2017

WedVendQC Wedding Directory Visitor Statistics
WedVendQC Wedding Directory Visitor Statistics

Here are some key stats of what we see in the charts:

  • We see 651 different users having visited the site
  • 2,309 pages of the site have been viewed
  • The bounce rate for the site is 59.54%. This means that this percentage of people leave the site after only viewing the page they landed on. This is a relatively low number for bounce rate, which means that people are engaging with the site and viewing multiple pages per visit.
  • We see that the average number of pages people visit is 2.79. This means that people are looking around at different vendor profiles, categories, and performing multiple searches per visit.

These numbers will increase as we build an advertising budget.

Vendor Profile Monthly Reporting

Each vendor belonging to the Basic and Pro Level Memberships will receive a monthly stats report showing how many visitors have been to your page. This will come in the form of an email provided and will help judge the effectiveness of your profile, and how adding posts and offers affect the results.

Cost To Join The Directory

Free Level Membership – $0

Basic Level Membership – $30 per month

Pro Level Membership – $60 per month


No Contract. Cancel anytime.

Profile will revert to status of whichever level you are currently at. Example: If you are on the Pro Level Package and want to downgrade to a Basic Level Package, your profile will automatically only show the information allotted for that package. If you upgrade back to Pro Membership again, all of the information will come back to the page, granted that you have not manually removed it.

Where the Directory Is Headed

We are in the early stages of development for the wedding directory, and are only looking to expand and grow as we gain the income to do so. Right now we are seeking paid memberships to obtain an advertising budget.

A good portion of the income will go towards advertising in these early stages as we are trying to gain awareness for the site and pull in the right visitors. Advertisements will be continually optimized to reach the appropriate target audiences.

We also have some site features on the back-burner that we are waiting to launch until the core version of the site with current features is fully up and running at an optimum level. These new features include a booking calendar where you can book clients directly through the site, a job board to post jobs that are open within your company, and possibly a marketplace where you can sell items to customers through a virtual shop on the site. Again, these features will come as the site develops, and Pro Members will have access to all the new features as they are added.

Our Commitment To You, The Wedding Vendor

WedVendQC is nothing without wedding businesses being present and active on the site. Sure we have the free listings established, but the site is not a fun place for wedding couples to visit unless they have the chance to interact with vendors on a more social level.

This is why we are fully committed to helping your business succeed on WedVendQC. We have a love for business and business development, and the wedding industry holds a special place in our heart as we are wedding videographers as well.

My name is Justin Coleman and I am the main operator of the site. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. I am also Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot, and have been studying SEO tactics since fall of 2016.

WedVendQC is my gift to the Quad Cities to try and centralize all of the wedding business information in the area, not only to help clients find the right vendors with ease, but to also make it easier for wedding businesses in the area to get fresh leads.

We provide a transparent business method, and will be reporting progress of the site and vendor wins regularly as they occur in posts just like this one. It is also a future goal to develop a knowledge database for Quad Cities wedding vendors to learn about the local wedding market and ways to gain leads through inbound marketing methods.

With all of that, I will leave you with our expected outcomes that you should get from this site.

Expected Outcomes From The WedVendQC Wedding Directory

  • Increased visibility among engaged couples in the Quad Cities wedding market.
  • Greater opportunity to connect with couples.
  • Increased SEO and ranking for business website as more visitors are referred to your site, plus the backlink from
  • Business and brand awareness through WedVendQC listing and sharing of offers on social media channels.
  • Business growth through the aforementioned channels and through learning about the local Quad Cities wedding market and connecting with local couples.

2018 Quad Cities Bridal Fairs, Expos, Emporiums, and Garage Sales

Quad Cities Bridal Fairs 2018

While we hope that you find WedVendQC a great resource in finding your local Quad Cities wedding vendors, we also understand the importance of meeting some vendors face-to-face. That is why we have decided to compile this list of Quad Cities Bridal Fairs and Expos for 2018.

Please note that this list will be updated as we receive more information on what events are taking place, and when.

Wedding Max Bridal Show

Wedding Max Bridal Show

Date & Time

Saturday, January 06, 2018
10:30 am – 2 pm


TaxSlayer Center (formerly iWireless Center)
1201 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected



$5 in Advance, $10 at the door


The Wedding Max Bridal Show starts the year out swinging with a bridal fair very early in January. After you are done celebrating the holidays, its time to get back to wedding planning business, so why wait?

Tickets are sold at Ducky’s Formal Wear, and if you register for your tux rental with Ducky’s before the show, you even get a free ticket to the Wedding Max Bridal Show!

All proceeds from this expo go to SPECS, Inc., a local charity that helps emotionally and physically abused women.

Jaycees of the Quad Cities Bridal Expo

Jaycees of the Quad Cities Bridal Expo

Date & Time

Saturday, January 27, 2018
9 am – 3 pm


The River Center
136 E. 3rd St.
downtown Davenport

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected



$10 in Advance, $12 at the door


The Jaycees of the Quad Cities Bridal Expo has earned its reputation of being the biggest bridal fair in the Quad Cities area.  With over 150 vendors and over 800 projected brides in attendance, its fair to say that this is the big one.

While you should go and check out this bridal expo, it is also worth noting that a lot of good vendors cannot make it to the big show, so you should still check out the smaller show as well!

CASI Bridal Garage Sale

CASI Bridal Garage Sale

Date & Time

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Time is TBD


CASI Celebration Hall
1035 W Kimberly Rd
Davenport, IA 52806

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected




Everybody loves Facebook Wedding Swap Sites because you can get all of your wedding items gently used at a fraction of the price! Now take that theory and put it into a garage sale format. With the CASI Bridal Garage Sale you can shop gently used wedding items from previous brides all in one place! You can also sell your own stuff if you want to set up and help out future brides.

This event also has vendors, so if you are looking for vendors and some extra wedding items, this may be the bridal event for you!

Bridal Event at Lavender Crest Winery

Lavender Crest Bridal Show

Date & Time

Sunday, April 22, 2018 & Sunday October 21, 2018
Noon – 4:00pm


Lavender Crest Winery
5401 US-6
Colona, IL 61241

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected




This event is not associated with Lavender Crest Winery, but only uses the venue as a location for the Bridal Event.

This smaller event still packs some great vendors, and you can also eat some great food and taste some wine at the winery beforehand. You can catch this event not only in April, but also in October. See both dates above!

Jumer's Casino Bridal Emporium

Jumer's Casino Bridal Emporium

Date & Time

Previously Held At the End of April


Jumer’s Casino & Hotel
I-280 and Ill.-92
Rock Island, IL 61201

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected




The Jumer’s Casino Bridal Emporium is held yearly towards the end of April.

More info will be posted here once we find out more.

QC Fall Bridal Fair

QC Fall Bridal Fair Quad Cities

Date & Time



TaxSlayer Center (formerly iWireless Center)
1201 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265

Number of Wedding Vendors Expected


(2017 total over 60)



The last big bridal fair of the year, the QC Fall Bridal Fair has just gotten over for 2017, so not much info is available for next year at this time.

We will post more info as we learn more.

Quad Cities Wedding Guide Free Download

The Quad City Wedding Vendor Expert Guide

This year we (at Rehash Media) created a resource for Quad Cities Brides and Grooms that took some questions and posed them to wedding vendors who have been around for a number of years and may be considered experts in their field. We compiled these answers and put them into a free PDF download.

We thought that this would be a great opportunity to introduce this guide the THE Quad Cities Wedding Directory, WedVendQC, and our visitors. This link will take you to our Rehash Media site where you can enter your email and download the FREE guide!

What's In The Wedding Vendor Expert Guide?

We interviewed 1 expert in ten fields and posed them some questions that we thought would help couples in choosing the vendor that perfectly fit their wedding. These questions involved answers about latest trends in the wedding industry, mistakes couples make when looking for that particular type of vendor, and what couples should really be looking for when choosing their vendors.

Sound interesting? Again, download the guide and check it out! It’s free!

What Companies Are In The Wedding Vendor Expert Guide?

The guide contains expert answers from the following wedding vendors and wedding vendor categories:

  • Venue – Tanglewood Hills Pavillion
  • Photobooth – Frame It Up Photo Booth
  • Photographer – Sarah Siler Photography
  • Videographer – Rehash Media, LLC
  • Bridal Shop – Hope’s Bridal
  • Wedding Planner – Beginnings By Chance
  • Invitations – The Plaid Rabbit
  • Makeup Artist – Brittany Chevelle
  • Wedding Transportation – The City Limo & Party Bus
  • DJ – Double H Entertainment

We really hope that everyone in the Quad Cities can enjoy this guide, and that you find it useful. If you have a review, suggestions for improvement, or any compliments, please feel free to post them in the comments on this article! We would love to hear from you so we can make improvements for next year!

Happy Reading, and enjoy the guide!

Best Wedding Caterers in the Quad Cities Davenport Moline East Rock Island Bettendorf

The 5 Best Wedding Caterers in the Quad Cities

One thing that you are sure to remember about your wedding reception is the food! After a long day of greeting guests, rehearsing vows, and dealing with nerves, your reception meal is likely to be one of the best meals of your life. The hard part is over, and now it is time to enjoy food, family, and friends.

But where do you turn to for the best caterers in the Quad Cities? We have compiled a list of the 5 best caterers in the Quad Cities Area, spanning from Davenport to Rock Island and other towns on both sides of the river.

The qualifications we based our study on were the business’ Google Reviews, their Facebook Reviews, and in one case for a company that didn’t have a Facebook page, a WeddingWire Review. Each business below has links to the companies listing on, and from there you can get all of their contact information and links to their website!

Morris & Co.

Morris & Co. Catering Quad Cities

Contact Info

Google Rating

5/5   (15 Reviews)


Davenport, IA

Facebook Rating

4.9/5   (15 reviews)


Morris & Co. Entertainment was the highest rated Quad Cities caterer we came across in our research. Their website boasts  that they can serve 30 to 5000 guests, and they will even rent you tables, chairs, tents, and various food machines!

Their food selection for catering includes grill items like hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, and more! They also offer sides and dessert items, so you can choose what best fits your wedding. From the selection they appear to be a good fit for a nice weather, outdoor wedding.

The Rock Premier Party Facility

The Rock Premier Party Facility Catering Quad Cities

Contact Info

Google Rating

5/5   (1 Review)


Coal Valley, IL

Facebook Rating

4.9/5   (13 reviews)


The Rock Premier Party Facility is a venue that hosts receptions for Quad Cities weddings, but they also offer outside catering. They offer a wide variety of Appetizers, Dinner Buffet and Cold Buffet choices.

Appetizers range from Swedish Meatballs to cocktail wieners, and the buffet offers various types of roasted meats, salads, and vegetables. If you are curious about the cold buffet, the items are more along the line of sandwich meats with side salads.

DeBord Catering

Taylor-Debord Catering Wedding Quad Cities Moline

Contact Info

Google Rating

5/5   (2 Reviews)


Moline, IL

WeddingWire Rating

4.9/5   (5 reviews)


Taylor-DeBord Catering provides a variety of wedding catering packages, as well as a ton of choices within each package so you are sure to get what you really want for that most delicious reception meal.

Their packages include an Hors D’oeuvres Buffet Package with items anywhere from Shrimp, to ribs, to eggrolls. They also provide an Italian Pasta Buffet, Picnic Special, or a Cold Meat Buffet. All of their packages include table service.

Bridges Catering

Bridges Catering Wedding Quad Cities Princeton Iowa

Contact Info

Google Rating

5/5   (3 Reviews)


Princeton, IA

Facebook Rating

4.7/5   (6 reviews)


Getting married early in the day? Bridges Catering has your Breakfast and Brunch catering covered. They also offer catering for your rehearsal dinner, and a nice selection of desserts that range from simple to just plain fancy.

They have a list of preferred facilities that they cater to on their site, but they also state you can ask about other available venues. Be sure to check that out while you are looking at some awesome pictures of their dishes!

Zekes Island Cafe

Zeke's Island Cafe Wedding Catering Service Quad Cities Milan

Contact Info

Google Rating

4.6/5   (130 Reviews)


Davenport, IA

Facebook Rating

4.9/5   (375 reviews)


I would like to start out talking about Zeke’s Island Cafe by stating that they have an INSANE number of reviews, which all total some high ratings considering that between Facebook and Google they have over 500 reviews.

That being said, if you are looking for a little something out of the ordinary, check out Zeke’s catering menu. They have different themed catering bars, sandwiches, and sides to choose from. They also have wedding tasting for 2-4 people, which is perfect to see if Zeke’s Cafe is a good fit for your wedding food needs!

BONUS: Moe's Burger & Brew

Moe's Burger & Brew Wedding Catering At Your Service Quad Cities Rock Island

Contact Info

Google Rating

4.8/5   (42 Reviews)


Rock Island, IL

Facebook Rating

4.7/5   (96 reviews)


We couldn’t end the list of Best Wedding Caterers in the Quad Cities without giving a shout out to Moe’s Burger and Brew and their “At You Service Catering”.

Not only does Moe’s offer a wide variety of standard catering options that range from a full service menu to hot and cold buffets, but they also pack a punch with their other catering option: wedding cakes!

That’s right. Moe’s Burgers & Brew also offer specialty wedding cakes and sheet cakes. If you are looking for a dessert off the beaten bath for your wedding, they also offer cookies, cheesecakes, cream puffs, tartlets, and more!

And there you have it! WedVendQC’s list of Best Wedding Caterers in the Quad Cities!

We know that there are other caterers in the area, and we would love to hear about them! Who have you booked to cater your wedding? Or, if you are already married, who did you use and how did they do?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

If you have read this article and are still on the hunt for a wedding caterer, feel free to check out the other caterers we have listed in our Quad Cities wedding vendor directory here.

Wedding Vendors Quad Cities

Welcome to WedVendQC!

Welcome Brides, Grooms, and Vendors!

Today I wanted to introduce you to the WedVendQC platform and help show you all of the benefits our Quad Cities Wedding Directory has to offer for couples and vendors alike!

Benefits for Couples

Having been married in the last few years myself, I know the struggle of trying to find and compare all of the possible vendors in the Quad Cities, all while trying to compare what we needed with what we could afford. This is why WedVendQC was born, to help organize all of the wedding vendor information in our Quad Cities area and make it easily searchable by couples in one simple wedding directory.

All of the wedding vendors we have listed are divided up into their separate categories and subcategories, so you can browse them via the HOME page, or you can also do a search from the home page to try and find what you are looking for.

Each vendor’s page varies based on their subscription level with our site. FREE level vendors will always have basic contact information and a message tab where you can send them a message. You can also leave them a review if you have been a previous client of theirs.

BASIC-Level vendors will be able to add a detailed description of their business and post their social links, so you will be able to better see what they are all about, and connect with them via their social media accounts if you wish.

PRO-Level vendors will also have a social tab where you can see the latest posts from that business including, photos, videos, and status updates.

We also have a social WALL page, where you can browse all posts from our PRO-Level vendors in one place, and you can connect with these vendors and really get to know them and how they work. You will need to create an account to interact with their social posts, but this is a good place to start browsing if you are unsure where to begin your wedding vendor search.

All vendors have the option to purchase OFFERS, which are exclusive deals that you get to take advantage of for using our WedVendQC site! You can view offers per business on their profile page, or you can check out offers from all businesses on the OFFERS page. Be sure to check this page out to see where you can start saving on your wedding!

All-in-all, we really hope that you find this a very useful resource in your hunt for the perfect vendors, and we hope that you share this resource with friends who are soon to be married. And when your wedding is over, please come back and rate and review your vendors so that others know what to expect when booking them!

If you need anything at all, we are all ears at This site is for everyone in the Quad Cities, and we are always open to suggestions to make it better!


Benefits for Vendors

If you are a Quad Cities wedding vendor, then you are in the right place! WedVendQC wedding directory is here to help connect local couples with wedding businesses just like yours! You can connect with couples through a social wall, pictures, videos, offers, and more as described above, or you can keep your FREE listing so that at least your basic contact information is listed and everyone knows you are there.

Not sure where to get started? Check out these tips.

  1.  As a courtesy to Quad Cities couples, we have already listed a great many number of businesses with basic contact information on the site. If you are interested in participating in WedVendQC as a vendor, your first task would be to do a search for your business and see if you are already listed. If you are listed, then GREAT! Couples are already seeing your business! You should claim your business (via the “Claim This Business”) link on that profile page, and we will turn the keys over to you to edit your information displayed on the directory.
  2. If your business is not listed, then you can also create a business on the site. Sign up for an account and create your business. We will see the business on our list, and look it over to make sure everything is good to go, and that you really are a vendor that serves the Quad Cities area (in general Davenport, Moline, East Moline, Rock Island, Bettendorf, Silvis, Milan, Clinton, Muscatine, Dewitt, and anywhere in between). Once we approve the listing it will be live on the site.
  3. When you claim or create your business, you will be prompted to pick a membership level package. No worries though, as we have a FREE package that still allows you to edit basic info, but we would really suggest either BASIC or PRO packages to get the most out of the site. All packages can get reviews from clients, so be sure to get past clients to rate you!
  4. BASIC-Level membership will allow you to add a business description such as pricing, what you can offer your clients, service descriptions, and more! This will give you a lot more control over your appeal towards potential clients as you can add some of your personality to the page.
  5. PRO-Level membership allows for a whole extra level of personalized features that breath life into your profile on WedVendQC. Not only can you add your basic description, but you also will be given access to a social wall where you can post status updates for your clients that can include text, photos, and videos. Your social posts will also appear on our WALL page where visitors can see the latest posts from all businesses, including yours! You will also get a separate PICTURE tab where can add photos of your business, services, and whatever else you feel will help attract clients.

If you would like more information about any of these details, we have it all laid out on our VENDOR PORTAL.

We really encourage vendors to be active on the site to help make this a fun and interesting place for QC couples to explore! That is why we have a free month in place for vendors who sign up for the BASIC level membership, and a half-price discount of $30 for your first month of PRO!

For any package, there are no contracts, so you can cancel your membership at any time. Your profile page will revert to a free level page, but your information will be available to take live again if you decide to come back on with us!

As always, we are here to help you and your wedding business get the best out of the site, so please feel free to email us at with any questions or help you need getting your listing up and running!

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