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  • Basic Profiles Help You Deliver the Right Information
  • PRO Profiles Help You Reach Out and Connect

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  • Ads rotate throughout the site
  • List offers for your different services or special offerings
  • Offers are Live for 30 days
  • It’s only $10 per 30 day offer!

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  • You can create an account for free
  • Many Businesses Already Exist In Our Database
  • You can claim your listing for free
  • You can also create a business for free
  • Start your basic package with 1 free month!
  • Basic is $30/month after the trial month
  • Update your information, add a description, add your logo, purchase offers, and more with Basic
  • Basic Profiles Help You Deliver the Right Information

Go PRO and Really Connect

  • PRO allows for more ways to connect and more places to be seen
  • Get access to your own social wall where you can post images, videos, status updates, and connect with your customers
  • Your posts will also be seen on our “Wall” page, which is another place that couples can discover your business
  • Display your social media icons for easy follow
  • Book clients directly through our site, and display a calendar so couples can see your availability
  • First month of PRO is $30, and then $60 thereafter
  • You also get 4 free points just for signing up for PRO (equal to two 30 day offers you can create!)
  • Show your clients you mean business and go PRO!

Get Your Brag Badge

To showcase your commitment to being a Quad Cities Wedding vendor, you have access to put this badge on your website once you sign up for one of the packages listed below!

Just copy the code on the right and add it to your site! The badge above the code will appear on your site!

wedvendqc wedding vendor directory for the Quad Cities

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to claim my business?

You can search for your business from the HOME PAGE. Once you find your listing, click on it, and click the CLAIM THIS BUSINESS button in the lower left of the listing.

Then you just fill out the claim form, and your claim will be sent in for approval by our admin.

How do I buy points for an offer (30 day ad)?

Offers are purchased with points from the SHOP. 2 points will buy you one 30-day offer. The offer will rotate throughout the site and on the offers page so couples can see it in a variety of places they visit on the site.

There are discounts if you buy points in bulk, as seen when you visit the shop.

How do I create a Business Owner Account?

Click the SIGNUP button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Fill out the form on that page with your first and last name, email address, and choose a password.

Down towards the bottom where it asks you to pick an account type, be sure to choose Business Owner so you can properly access the Business Owner Features on the site.

How do I create my own business profile?

First search the database from the HOME PAGE to see if your business has already been listed. If it has, please claim your business.

You will then need to subscribe to a Subscription Level. Don’t worry, a FREE Subscription Level is available to display a very basic listing. You can find Subscription Levels on your account page under the Subscription tab.

Once you have signed up to a Subscription Level, you will need to go to your MY ACCOUNT page, under the My Business tab and click Create Business. From here you will enter the business information, filling out the required fields at a minimum.


Basic Package - $30/mo

Signing up for the basic package allows you to get the proper information out to your customers.

  • You can add your contact information such as address, phone number, and email.
  • You can add business information including a description, social media links, and hours.
  • You can also purchase and submit offers to rotate throughout our website.

First month is FREE. Each additional month is $30.

Show your customers you are here and ready to do business!

PRO Package - $60/mo

Signing up for the Pro Package allows you all the benefits of the basic package, plus the ability to reach out to potential clients with a social wall, photos, and video!

  • You can add your photos and videos to your wall to help entice customers to work with you.
  • You can add business information including a description, social media links, and hours.
  • A photos tab will be available to show your stuff.
  • Easy following of your social media with displayed social links.
  • We even throw in 4 FREE points so you can create 2 new 30 day offers, on us! ($20 Value)

First month is $30. Each month after is $60.

Wow your customers and stay connected with PRO!

FREE Package

Signing up for the FREE Package allows you edit your basic information for your visitors to see.

  • You can add your contact information such as address, phone number, and email.
  • If you would like to update your business description and submit offers, please choose the BASIC Package.
  • If you would like to have a social wall, add photos, and connect with your customers, please choose the PRO Package.

This package is FREE!

Keep your information updated for your customers!

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